Gayle found her path to photography in the most organic way possible. After spending over four years developing recipes and photographing her own creations to market her food company, Gayle quickly became hooked on the creative side of not only food photography, but the styling involved. What she really fell in love with was creating a story around food.

Gayle’s appetite for approachable food, combined with her honest, relatable enthusiasm for everything tasty, spicy, crunchy, and sweet has resulted in a customizable resource for all things food and drink.

For Gayle, photography and styling go hand in hand to construct the visual story that she wants to create. She believes good food should be authentically prepared, visually stunning and incredibly delicious, and Gayle has worked diligently on her craft to ensure she can deliver on all fronts. She focuses on bringing real food to life by visually communicating the textures, flavours, and ingredients just as they are. Her goal with each image is to tempt and entice the viewer in such a way that they can imagine themselves sitting at the same table. 

Being an accomplished recipe tester, food stylist, and photographer allows Gayle to offer a variety of food and photography related services in a straightforward fashion, with personalized flexibility on services and rates for good measure. Why hire a team of multiple creatives when Gayle can help you realize your complete vision. 

Years of knowledge complement her friendly demeanour, meaning she delivers on-brand food-photography with ease, whether your needs are big or bite-sized.

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