Photographed by Kyrani Kanavaros

About Gayle

Gayle is a food and beverage photographer and stylist for brands and businesses. She provides inviting, creative, and realistic images on a one-time or ongoing basis. Her imagery pulls an audience in with crave-able, relatable, and mouth-watering food photography that makes them want to pull up a seat and join the table.

Based in Vancouver, Canada Gayle works seamlessly with clients globally from creative conceptualizing to sourcing, to final imagery.

Gayle understands the intricacies of food and the language required to convey a food driven message. Her previous experience in recipe development and testing allows her to understand the needs of recipe photography and the importance of each step of recipe application. Gayle’s appreciation for food enables her to communicate individual flavours, textures, and specific qualities in every frame. She can seriously make raw ingredients (even chicken!) look good. Gayle genuinely makes your food the hero. 

The process begins with an initial call to understand the needs of the project, then the creative vision can start to come to life. Gayle presents her creative ideas, prop and background suggestions (from her own inventory), and a list of additional ingredients and supplemental props. Gayle handles the shoot and styling and provides a proofing gallery to clients to make selects from. Once selects are made, they are retouched and final images are submitted digitally. 

Many of her clients are ongoing. This allows Gayle to immerse herself in the visual brand and deliver imagery that is consistent with their identity on a continuing basis. Gayle has an ability to take an idea and run with it, so that a steady stream of photography is always in supply for clients with high content needs.

Gayle is pleased to offer these photography services to clients in the Vancouver area and across the globe. She is capable of working entirely remotely, or on location. 

Send an email to get on our wait list if you are looking for relatable food photography that is inviting and simply crave-able.


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